My first 2015 haul

February 10, 2015

Hey girls! :)

This post is going to be picture heavy! A picture says more than a 1000 words, right? :)

So here are my recent purchases from the last few trips to our drugstores.


 DIOR ADDICT LIPSTICK 554 IT PINK. The level of excitement about this lipstick is too damn high! My third Dior product and it is my new baby. It is a beautiful beautiful, high quality, shiny lipstick. I will tell you everything about it in an upcoming review!

CATRICE VOLUMIZING LIP BOOSTER. I purchased this after reading a few good reviews. I like it, it is a very shiny, slightly colored lip gloss, quite long lasting too. About the volumizing properties I am not really sure yet, but it has that minty fresh tingly feeling which I like. 

LABELLO LIP BUTTER COCONUT. My Raspberry rose is about to run out and I really wanted to try a different scent. This has a strong summery coconut scent, smells divine and makes me hate winter. I must admit, I prefer the formula of the Raspberry rose lip butter, it feels much more moisturizing. But none the less, I will use this one all up. 

ESSENCE LIP LINERS IN SATIN MAUVE AND WISH ME A ROSE. I really don't know what was I doing without lip liners for so long! These two are amazing! Beautiful colors, the formula is so creamy, glides on like a dream. I tried them both already, they lasted for about 4-5 hours on me with drinking water. They dry to a semi matte finish, but they don't feel uncomfortable. The price is almost funny, they cost less than 2€ a piece. 

MAYBELLINE THE FALSIES BLACK DRAMA. A repurchase and one of the classics. Last few mascaras I tried were a disappointment, so I grabbed this one since I know it works good for the 10€ price you pay. I am looking for a good mascara, do you have any recommendations? I would love to know! 

BOURJOIS HEALTHY MIX FOUNDATION in shade 51 light vanilla. Another classic! I think you all know this one. I was using the Catrice Nude illusion for the past 6 months non stop, and I really needed a change. This one was reduced from 15€ to 11€ so I grabbed it. It is a medium coverage, lightweight, semi matte - dewy finish and very long lasting. A winner!

I bought three nail polishes: (from left to right)
L'OREAL in 892 TOTALLY D ACCORD (click here)
ESSIE in VANITY FAIREST (will do a blog post soon)


left: ESSENCE lip liner WISH ME A ROSE / right: ESSENCE lip liner SATIN MAUVE


ALVERDE CELLULITE BODY OIL LEMON ROSEMARY and EBELIN BODY BRUSH. The oil is a repurchase, I use it on my thighs, after I brush them with the body brush. I can honestly say that I see a difference in my skin, it is much more softer, tighter, and with working out and drinking a lot of water and green tea is helping me in the eternal battle against cellulite. I intend to use it for a few more months - will keep you updated!

DOVE HAND CREAM with shea butter and warm vanilla. I only have a few words for this: THE BEST HAND CREAM I EVER TRIED. Smells divine, makes your hands really soft, specially if you use it over night, and sinks into the skin in about 2 minutes. I will definitely try the body lotion and shower gel from this range, I heard they are great, too.

LE PETIT MARSEILLAIS hair mask for dry and damaged hair, with SHEA BUTTER AND HONEY. I did not get the chance to try this enough to tell you more about it, but I can tell you one thing: this is the best smelling hair product I own. One of my favorite bloggers did an excellent review of this product, if you are interested you can click here and read it. 

The cutest hair ties with silver bows I got in a random small jewellery store. They really transform a ponytail into something glamorous. :)

That's all for once, I hope you liked this post!
If you have any mascara recommendations, I would love to know! Thanks for stopping by. :)


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2 komentarji

  1. Super haul! :)
    Aah, jaz si tudi želim tale Catrice Volumizing Lip Booster, ampak je pri nas vedno razprodan, ko grem čekirat. :/ :)
    Pa Dior šminka izgleda krasno. <3
    So pa meni najljubše maskare od L'oreal - ne vem, če me je katera že razočarala. :) Najbolj mi je všeč Volume Million Lashes (zlata in črno-zlata verzija). :)

    1. Jaz sem šla pomoje ene 5x v Milerja, preden je bil na zalogi! Če ti ga uspe dobit, ga le vzemi.
      L'orealove maskare so pa res dobre, vem, ampak so tako drage, kar naenkrat stanejo 15€. :/


Thank you for all your comments! :)