Empties and mini reviews #2

January 25, 2015

Marseillais shampoo with sweet almond
This shampoo surprised me in a very good way. I did not expect much, but I can say it works brilliantly for me. It is suited for normal hair with easily damaged hair ends. My hair is colored red, but this worked great for me as well. The scent is sweet and pleasant, the shampoo has a very creamy texture and often just one washing was enough to make my hair feel clean. It made them soft and shiny, if I was really lazy I did not even use a conditioner, but I could easily get away with it because my hair was soft anyway, only after shampoo. I will repurchase it.
Alverde shampoo with aloe vera and hibiscus for dry hair
A total disaster. I had other shampoos without sulfates before, but they worked just fine. This one? No. A strange aloe vera – gel – like texture, completely no lathering at all (I know, sulfate free, but anyway), made my hair feel like they are completely dried out, even with a conditioner. I used it only twice. The remains were used as a cleanser for makeup brushes. They were clean, but the bristles were not as soft and fluffy as they regulary are when I clean them. Do not recommend. 

Schauma repair care conditioner with shea butter and coconut
This is one of the funny conditioners that make your hair silky smooth at first when you rinse it out in the shower, but after they are towel dried... you can't even tell you used a conditioner. So, you could say it does nothing. At least for me. I can't really understand how and why this happens. It smells really nice though, like coconuts. Will not repurchase. 

Balea cellulite gel creme
This gel contains caffeine and lemon,  I heard many times before that caffeine is supposed to help with battle against cellulite. It has a pleasant and cooling effect on the skin. Smells really nice and refreshing, like lemons. I belive this is my 3rd or 4th tube I have used so far. About helping against cellulite – this cream really tightens  the skin up for quite a few hours after you apply it. But than again, no cream will make the cellulite disappear. So if you look at it that way, it does a great job. I got the most use out of this in the summer, because when applied in the morning, it makes your skin tighter for the whole day. Will I repurchase it? Probably, in the summer. 

Femfresh intimate wash
The only intimate wash gel I have ever used. It is very mild to the skin, smells clean and does not cause me any irritations. If you use just a drop more than regulary, it lathers up enough to use it as a shaving foam, that is why I love it even more. Will I repurchase it? Yes, always. 

Inell polish remover (Leclerc brand)
Just a regular cheap nail polish remover, that does not contain acetone. It removed regular nail polish quickly, glitter not so much – worked only when I used the tin foil technique. I found it to be quite drying for my cuticles, and that is why I will not repurchase it.

Gliss hair repair million gloss 10 days shine mask
I have mixed feelings about this. Good things? I liked that it really made my hair shiny instantly, like it promises. And negative? The scent is way too strong and perfumy for my taste – like all other Gliss kur products. The packaging is small. Even though it made my hair shiny, they did not feel soft and nourished after using it. So..really mixed feelings. Will not repurchase.

Avon gingerbread bubble bath
Ever since I moved into an apartment with my best friend a few months ago – where we have a tub – I got crazy about taking baths. A girl gotta have her pampering relaxing time! I ordered this huge bathing mousse from Avon at the end of autumn, the gingerbread smell got me. It is like winter holidays in a bottle – cinnamon and gingerbread. It made a lot of bubbles. The scent was limited edition, but if they bring it out again next winter, I will order it again. 

Nivea volume sensation hairspray
My favorite hairspray! It holds the hair in place, and easily brushes out, without sticky and crispy residue. I love it. I don't know how much of a volume it gives, because I only use it to hold my hair in place. I will repurchase it. 

Balea trend it up lovely berries dry shampoo
Why, why was this limited edition? It was my favorite dry shampoo. It smelled so nice. I usually used it on my third hair day. My hair felt clean (as much as it can after using dry shampoo) and I did not have to worry about it starting to look oily in the middle of the day. The only down side to it was that it sprayed out white, but after I brushed the access out of my hair and also dried them a little with a towel, all the white was gone. Now I am using a Syoss dry shampoo, which works fine, but I would much prefer this Balea one if I could buy it again. 

Catrice Nude illusion foundation
A total hit. You probably already heard about this foundation, since it became really popular recently here in Europe. Long lasting, easy to blend, nice medium to full coverage, dewy matte finish. I would only like it to be for about half a shade lighter (I already use the lightest shade). Repurchase? Already did, almost done with the next bottle too.  

Baby lips mint
Of all the flavors I tried so far this one is my least favorite. The mint scent was really nice and fresh, but the formula felt so different from other baby lips. I felt like it did nothing to my lips. If I had dry and cracked lips, it did not help them one bit. Disappointing. Will not repurchase.

Blistex happy lips mango
Very sweet fruity scent, loved it! They also have a strawberry scent, I wonder if that one smells as good, too. Other than that, it was not really helpful with dry lips, honestly. I know Blistex has really good lip balms otherwise. I guess this one was only meant to smell really nice, not to help with dry lips. Will not repurchase. 

Inell micellar water (Leclerc brand)
I already wrote about this one. I tried a lot of micellar waters but this one is the best. It costs about 2€ for half a liter, but is only available in Leclerc. It takes my makeup off so easily. I will repurchase this forever. :) 

I hope you like this post. Have you tried any of the products I mentioned here? Is your opinion different than mine? I would love to know. :)

Have a nice day! :)

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