Haul #3 Balea, random bits and lots of nail polish!

April 29, 2015

Looking at these pictures now makes me wonder.. did I really need all these things? 
I am gonna go on a no-buy schedule from now on, for quite a while.

Let's get to all the pretty things. :)
There will be a lot of pictures!

 BALEA SHOWER GELS IN COCOS & NEKTARINE AND TROPICAL SUNSHINE. These shower gels are nothing special, don't offer much moisture for your skin but the scents are fruity and summery and perfect! Tropical sunshine is a LE summer scent - perfect mango and orange combo!

FEMFRESH INTIMATE SKIN CARE. This is a new edition, usually I was using their regular soap in a see-through packaging, colored lightly orange. I hope this one is even better.

 BALEA SHAVING GEL in BLUEBERRY is a classic - I love these gels and I always buy them. This scent is new to me, I haven't tried it yet but hopefully it smells as nice as it looks. :)

ESSENCE NAIL POLISH REMOVER is another repurchase for the 100th time now, I love it!

 BALEA GLOSSY & SHINE HAIRSPRAY. I already used this and I like it. I didn't notice any additional shine in my hair, but it did a good job at smoothing all the baby hair and that's what matters to me the most.

BALEA BEAUTIFUL LONG SHAMPOO. Repurchase. Works great for my hair, they feel really clean, fresh and soft when I use it. I do need to use conditioner with it, but that's normal. For the price it works brilliant (for my hair).

EBELIN BOBBY PINS - because every single one I had before magically disappeared.

 BEBE 3in1 MAKEUP REMOVING WIPES for sensitive and dry skin. They claim to nourish skin and remove waterproof makeup. Lies! These are horrible! My mascara did not want to come off, it broke a few of my eyelashes and my face was red and burning after I used them. Horrible! Do not buy these. I was in a hurry buying something easy to remove my makeup for a weekend getaway and this was the first thing that looked promising. What a mistake and a waste of 4€.

BALEA PEELING GEL with acai berries for normal skin. I needed a new peeling I can use twice a week to exfoliate my skin, and this one caught my attention. I haven't tried it yet.

 SIGNAL WHITE NOW TRIPLE POWER toothpaste. This is small and expensive, but I hope it will make my teeth whiter, like they promise.

BALEA LEATHER PROTECTION for your shoes. This is a leather sticker you put in your shoes where the back of your ankle is - it is supposed to protect skin from abrasion and blisters that usually happen when the edge of the shoe (ballet flats) rubs against your ankles - worst feeling ever. Hopefully this helps!

 BALEA UNIVERSAL MOISTURIZER for your face, lips and body. These pretty little pots stole my heart a few weeks ago when I first spotted them somewhere on Instagram - I finally found them in my local DM. These are great - smell divine and absorb in the skin really fast, leaving it soft. I got the cherry and raspberry scent.

 VICTORIA'S SECRET PURE SEDUCTION BODY SPRAY. We just got VS sprays and lotions a few months ago here in Slovenia and this was on my wish list since then. It smells DIVINE. I can't describe scents, but the packaging says 'red plum & freesia' and so be it. The scent disappears in a few hours, but that's normal since it is a spray, not a perfume. I love it anyways.

ESSENCE SOO GLOW! It says this is a cream to powder highlighter and that's exactly what it is. I love using this for a subtle highlight on the highest points of my cheeks. (see swatch below)

CATRICE GLAMOUR DOLL curl & volume mascara - I just wanted to try a new mascara, since I get bored with them quite easily. Haven't tried this one yet.

CATRICE RE-TOUCH LIGHT-REFLECTING concealer. This is great! I use it under my eyes for some added brightness to my face and I think it works great. The foundation I use does all the concealing I need, this just adds some extra freshness and brightness to my skin. It doesn't sink in the pores during the day. I believe this is a cheap alternative to the famous YSL Touche eclat.

ESSENCE STUDIO NAILS: 'hardening nail base' and 'ultra nail repair' are both base coats with some added benefits for the nails. I switch between them and they both work OK, but I haven't noticed anything special.

BETTER THAN GEL NAILS high gloss top sealer is a repurchase and the best top coat I have ever tried. What it does? Very shiny and polished nails, and dries in seconds - every manicure looks like you got it done at a nail salon. Highly recommend!

I got four of the new ESSENCE 'the gel' nail polishes and I must admit, I am disappointed. Although the colors are gorgeous, these chip in two days. Boohoo! :( 
The shades from left to right: 4 EVER YOUNG / #LUCKY / CANDY LOVE (disaster) / INDIAN SUMMER

I also got the CATRICE Must-have STEELetto nail polish - I don't know what was I thinking. This is so not my color.
On the other hand, ESSIE's EXOTIC LIRAS is a wonderful summer color and I love it! I wrote a blog post about it, you can check it here (click!)

CATRICE 'LOOKS LIKE CORAL' is a beautiful coral - pink shade, perfect for summer, I know I will get a lot of use out of it. 

BOURJOIS ROUGE EDITION VELVET in 'FRAMBOURJOISE' is another perfect summer lipstick in a dark pink - light red shade, I wanted this one forever and I finally added it to my collection. If you don't already own one of these, go for it. The velvet matte long lasting formula is amazing.

ESSENCE lipsticks in '03 come naturally' and '06 barely there' are gorgeous nude, rose toned lipsticks, soft and creamy formula, not the best with long lasting, but for 2€, who cares. I use these daily, they truly do go with every eye look you create.

ESSENCE LIP CANDIES lipgloss in 'SUGAR SHOCK' is a lovely sheer peach colored lip gloss. I love it because it is not sticky, and almost feels like a lip balm, leaving the lips very smooth.

GARNIER OLIA HAIR COLOR in '6.60 intense red'. There was a sale going on in DM, 1 + 1 free, so I stocked up on this. I am good for next two months. :)




That's it! Tell me, do you love or hate any of these products I mentioned?
Thanks for reading!
If you would like to read a review of any of these products, comment down below! :)

Have a nice day!
xo Linda

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17 komentarji

  1. Si pa kar veliko nakupila! Meni tale Baleina kremica malina nima ravno prijetnega vonja :/ Najboljša mi je bila lavendlova, ki pa je žal ni več v naših DMih. Tudi tale pasta za zobe je meni tko tko :) Ampak upam da bo imela na tebi boljši učinek! :D

    1. Ja, kar veliko se je nabralo, sem se zamislila ob teh slikah! :)
      Škoda, da ti ni všeč. Mogoče bo pa sivka še prišla nazaj v naše DMe? Upajmo, tudi jaz bi jo z veseljem poskusila. :) Glede paste bomo pa videli, doslej so mi bile vse te poceni belilne itak razočaranje, bi bil že velik čudež, če bi bilo s to kaj drugače. :)

  2. Essie nail polishes are one of my favorite ones and this shade looks so pretty! I have also tried a lot of Essence nail polishes cause they have some amazing colors but I agree that they start to chip really fast although I haven't expected more for price


    1. I agree with you 100%. I rather have one good Essie polish than five Essence, it's just not worth it. Let's just say I won't make that mistake again. :)
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Te Baleine kremice videvam povsed haha :) Bo treb kakšno sprobat :D

    1. Le daj, so zelo poceni pa res so fajn, povsod pridejo prav. :)

  4. Jaz sem kar vse te VS spreje povohala. Tudi ta ni bil slab, ki si ga vzela ti:). Kakšen pa je odtenke Catrice korektorja? Svetel, nevtralen? Dobro prekriva podočnjake?:)

    1. Imam najsvetlejšega, pa mi je super za bledo polt - popolno gre skupaj z 51 Healthy mix. Meni osebno odtenek res ustreza! Glede prekrivnosti, sama res nimam problemov s temno kožo pod očmi, na srečo. Tako da težko rečem kako dobro prekriva. Tudi za mozolje ne morem rečt kako se obnese, ker jih tudi nimam... Za mojo polt je ravno to super, ker ne rabim nekega prekrivanja, ampak tako dobro osvetli, da res izgledaš spočito, imaš lepo, zdravo in sijočo kožo. Upam, da si sedaj lahko kaj lažje predstavljaš! :)

    2. Mi je bolj jasno ja. Saj mi je že po namenu jasno, da ni nek grozno prekriven. Sem pa vesela, da je svetel. Mogoče ga preizkusim:) Hvala:)

  5. Itak, da si vse rabla :D Moram enkrat kupit Baleino kremo v lončku <3

    1. Normalno, ženske vedno vse 'nujno rabimo'! Le kupi, super so. :)

  6. Love this! ♥
    You are making me jealous, pretty!


  7. Essence 03 šminka je res sanjska, se je ne morem nagledat :) In baleine kremice so presenetljivo odlične!

    1. Res je, odkar jo imam, skoraj vsak dan posežem po njej, tako lepa je. :)

  8. Oo, koliko fajn stvari. <3
    Obožujem Essence šminko Come Naturally, čeprav drugače večinoma ne maram nude odtenkov. :D
    Pa jaz sem čisto navdušena nad Bourjois Velvete, tega še rabim. :P In dobro da si me spomnila, da moram iti vonjat nove Balea gele za tuširanje, njihove LE verzije so mi vedno super. :))

    1. Le kupi tale odtenek Velvet šminke, ker je božanski. :)


Thank you for all your comments! :)