My top 5 spring nail polish picks

March 21, 2015

Hello ladies! Today I would like to share with you my top 5 favorite colors I tend to pick a bit more now, when the spring is here. They are all pretty light, pink, girly colors - because that's usually the color I wear, other than red and burgundy. I am sorry there are no greens or blues or similar, but honestly I don't ever wear such colors on my nails, I am just not a fan and I don't think they suit me. These, on the other hand, are totally my cup of tea! Let's see...

Three Essie polishes I love the most (from left to right):
WATERMELON - my top favorite one. This is such a pretty vibrant pink - red, a shade that is really hard to capture in it's complete glory. It is such an unique color and the formula is brilliant - one coat is enough for a very opaque and shiny color. If you want to try one Essie polish - this is the one I totally recommend.
CUTE AS A BUTTON - another well known Essie shade. This is another shade that is tough to capture its true shade. I would describe it as a orange - coral - pink mixture. This one needs two coats.
FIJI - you all know this one. Hard to work with it, because it can get quite streaky, but the color is amazing. White-ish/milky light pink, making your hands look polished and feminine. This is not your typical spring color, but I chose to choose it anyway, because it is really refreshing to wear shades like this sometime in between all the other bright colors.

And now for two Catrice polishes:
RASPBERRY FIELDS FOREVER (left) - this shade almost reminds me a little of Essie's Watermelon - in the bottle, but when applied on the nails, they look different. You can also see that from the swatches below. This is wonderful bright pink shade, in certain lights looking totally red! What is with all these color chameleons? It is not too much 'in your face' vibrant pink, it is just enough toned down to look perfect for my taste (I guess that is because of the red undertones). I really don't know why but I love to wear this on my toes. I guess I don't even have to mention that this on is another 'why do you look so different in photos than in real life' shades.
A GALLON OF MELON (right) - one of the newest additions to my collection, it has been released just recently. This I would describe as a coral pink, looking very pastel. In some lights it looked like a neon coral to me. The formula is not the easiest to work with - at least the polish I got, is pretty thick. It is no where near being sheer, but nonetheless you need to apply two coats, just to make it look perfectly even and not streaky. 

And here are the swatches. As I mentioned before, not all the colors look the same in the picture than I real life, sorry about that. But still you can get the idea about how they look.

1 - CATRICE Raspberry fields forever
2 - CATRICE A gallon of melon
3 - ESSIE Watermelon
4 - ESSIE Cute as a button
5 - ESSIE Fiji

 What are some of your favorite spring colors? Now that you know of my favorite shades, do you have any similar to recommend to me? I love trying new shades. :)
Thanks for reading! Have a nice day :)

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7 komentarji

  1. Lepi pomladni odtenki :)
    Všečkam Essije :P

  2. Mislim da bom mogla nabavit watermelon, ker super izgleda. Drugače pa krasna izbira odtenkov ♥

    1. Hvala! :) Watermelon ti pa res priporočam. Lahko bi rekla, da je moj najljubši lak od čisto vseh, ki jih imam. :)

  3. Meni pa je všeč od Catrice - A gallon of melon, prelepa barva ;)

  4. Vse Essie lakci so tako lepi, še najbolj pa mi je všeč Fiji! Res si ga moram končno kupit :)

  5. Fantastic! We did get The Nudes which had a couple rotate through; hopefully we'll get The Metals, too..Loved It completely


Thank you for all your comments! :)