L'oreal Öl Richesse - gentle cleansing oil REVIEW

March 30, 2015

For the last year and a half I have used nothing but micellar waters to remove makeup. Garnier, L'oreal and Inell are my favorite. From time to time I read blog posts about cleansing balms, oils... and such, but it never really intrigued me to try any. Until L'occitane released their cleansing oil. I really wanted to try that one. But I just couldn't justify spending 20€ on it, when I have my 2€ micellar water from Leclerc at home and it works perfectly. A week ago I was just browsing the skin isle in Muller and I saw this... L'oreal cleansing oil for 9€. Without any further though, I bought it.

My first thoughts? I LOVE IT. You must keep in mind, that this is first cleansing oil I have ever tried, so I can't really compare it to anything else. But from what I experienced in a week of using it, I think it works like it's supposed to. 

For an easier review, I decided to write facts about it in lines:
- it is called Öl Richesse - gentle cleansing oil
- they claim it removes even waterproof makeup
- it is suitable for all skin types, doesn't make your skin greasy
- works for face, eyes and lips
- 150ml costs 9€
How do you use it? 
It is very liquidy, even if it's an oil, it is not a thick consistency. You put 3 - 4 pumps in your hand, and gently massage it all over your dry(!!!) face. After you can see all the makeup dissolved, you wet your hands and massage your face a little more. The water transforms the oil into a light foam and after that you wash your face with water. 

My experience with this product:
It does what it says. I usually wear heavy eye makeup and quite a few coats of mascara and it removed all of it, easily. It literally melts your makeup. If you wear a lot of mascara (or waterproof) you have to hold your fingers on your lashes for a few seconds, and it removes easily. I noticed that the foundation and bronzer were gone of my skin in seconds. After you create a nice makeup mess on your face, you just wet your hands and it comes off right away. You can see how dirty the water is when you rinse it off. 
The water takes of all the oil and leaves completely no residue behind, so you can easily get away with using only this, if you are feeling too lazy to use a face wash for your skin. The scent on this is amazing! It is sweet, but not overwhelming. I love the scent. 
The only bad thing I have to say is, that when rinsing with water, it makes my eyesight slightly foggy, but it goes away in about 15 seconds. The second I dry my face with a towel, I can see normally again. 
I know some girls have problems with products breaking them out, but that never happened to me before in my life, and neither with this product. It left my skin totally clean, soft and happy!

I used this much in a week. 
Here you can see the consistency - this is two small pumps.
Short overview:
+ removes all makeup in seconds
+ easily removes long lasting lip products (I was wearing Bourjois Rouge Velvet lipstick, and it came off right away)
+ smells divine and sweet - I want to eat it!
+ there is no oily residue left when rinsing with water
+ skin is completely soft and clean
+ it is a fun product to use
+ not too expensive (9€ in Muller)
+ feels nourishing, because it is an oil
+ no need to use cotton pads
+ my roommate tried it too and she loved it as well
- makes your eyesight foggy for about 15 - 20 seconds

So this was my experience with the first cleansing oil I ever purchased. I can safely say, I would buy this again, because it works really nice and is something different, I am quite tired of the endless quantity of cotton pads I have to use with my micellar water.

What do you think about cleansing oils? Have you ever tried any and did you like them? Would you try this one?

Since this is one of my first product reviews, I am still not sure if it is good, and you get all the information you want. I would really appreciate some comments, what do you think of this review, is it good, enough information, quality information, too long, too short? I would be very happy and thankful if you shared your thoughts with me. I would appreciate it very much!

Thank you for reading!
Have a nice day!
xo Linda

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