Simple makeup look + Avon haul

February 02, 2015

Today I felt really inspired to write something a bit different than usual.

Yesterday I received my latest Avon order and I am loving everything I got, so I have to share it, of course. Since there are two makeup products in the haul, I thought to myself, the best way to show them would be how they look on my face.

But first a little something about the products. I got:

POMEGRANATE & PEONY BUBBLE BATH. This smells soooo good, I have no words. Sweet and fruity, but not overwhelming. Doesn't really remind me of pomegranates (which I love, by the way). It just smells wonderful. Avon baths are really great for the price. They cost less than 5€ for half a liter, which lasts for about 10 baths, they make a lot of bubbles and leave scent in the bathroom for hours after you take a bath. I highly recommend them.

CELEBRE BODY MIST. The perfume tester in the catalog smelled so good, but it was too pricey because I don't really need another perfume. But when I saw that it is also available in the body mist spray for only 5€, I didn't think twice. I am really impressed with it. The scent is very strong and lasts on the clothes for a long time, almost as a perfume. And the scent is amazing and totally my cup of tea. To me it smells like an independent strong business woman. The description says that is a floral fruity fragrance for women, top notes are cyclamen, fruity notes and pepper; middle notes are peony, freesia, jasmine, white magnolia and lily-of-the-valley; base notes are sandalwood and cedar.

GLIMMERSTICK DIAMONDS EYE LINER in BLACK ICE. This is such a pretty eye liner with a twist - the sparkles are so pretty. I am positively surprised with the formula, it glides on easily and the sparkles are distributed really nicely and not chalky. It has a fine tip, so you can use it as a liner for a cat eye or as a pencil in the waterline. It is not very long lasting in the waterline, but as a liner it performs really well, I used a primer, smudged it all over my lid and it didn't crease on me.

COLORED LIP BALM in SOOTHING STRAWBERRY. I did not expect such a great color pay off from this, I expected it to be quite sheer. You can really build the color up. It looks really pretty! And feels very moisturizing on the lips, so it definitely has some lip balm properties. I was surprised with how long this lasted on my lips, almost 4 hours with drinking water, and it left a nice even stain behind. And when I reapplied it, it went on really smooth and did not leave and strange lines behind. This will be my new go - to for every day.

I can easily compare this to the CATRICE PURE SHINE COLOR LIP BALM. They are really really similar, but I would almost say that the Avon one is even more moisturizing and the color lasts longer. But other than that, they are almost the same. I also found a shade dupe (Cherry-ty)!! What do you think?

About this make up! It is a simple and easy everyday look. I applied foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer, brow pencil. Then I softly smudged the Glimmerstick diamonds eye liner all over the lid, and as a liner with a tiny flick at the end. Then I applied a little bronzer in the crease and under my lower lashes. After mascara I applied the colored lip balm and I was good to go. :)

Other products on my face:
Catrice Nude Illusion foundation in shade 010 Nude Ivory
Catrice Prime and fine mattifying powder waterproof
Catrice eye brow pencil in shade 020 Date with ash-ton
Artdeco bronzing powder spf 15 in shade 02
Avon glimmerstick diamonds eye liner in shade Black ice
Maybelline The falsies black drama mascara
Avon lip balm in Soothing strawberry

I am really sorry for the close-up pictures, they are not the best, but I still have to master the art of taking face photos. :)

I really hope you like the look, I think it is very simple and appropriate for every day.
If you like, you can leave a comment, I appreciate them a lot!

xo Linda

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10 komentarji

  1. Meni so tudi všeč njihove kopeli. Zdaj mi je pa škoda, da nisem naročila tega balzama v Peach odtenku:/. Pa sem ravno zdaj naročala - damn. Super ti paše ta odtenek. Lep preprost makeup!:)) Barva las mi je všeč. Tvoje oči še bolj izstopajo zaradi nje:).

    1. Saj mislim, da jih bodo še imeli vnaprej. Jaz sem že skoraj naročila raspberry odtenek, pa sem se na koncu odločila za strawberry - še dobro! Barva je pa res lepa, ampak precej zahtevna. Ponavadi si jo kar sama zmešam, da dobim tako kot hočem. Hvala za vse komplimente. :)

  2. zelo lep makeup look, ti lepo paše :)

  3. Joj, Avon..<3 že dolgo nisem naročila nič od njih (glup sistem naročanja!). :(
    Mam pa tudi jaz ta eyeliner - v tej in še modri barvi, pa mi je res fajn. :)
    Super look, krasno ti paše. Se strinjam s Petro, barva lase se lepo poda tvojim očem.
    Tudi jaz sem bila še pred nedavnim rdečelaska in moram reči da ZELO pogrešam to barvo..

    1. Ja sistem naročanja res ni najboljši, sama imam veliko srečo, da mamina sodelavka tole prodaja. In mami vsakič prinese domov katalog in jaz samo napišem seznam, kaj bi rada imela - kaj hočeš boljšega! :)
      Drugače pa, rdeča barva je najboljša. Se že skoraj 6 let barvam na rdečo in je ne zamenjam za nič.
      Pa hvala za komplimente! :)

  4. I have nominated you for the Liebster Award :) Check out my blog for the rules:

    Lexie Rose May X

  5. Zelo lep makeup =) bubble bath izgleda super!


  6. I haven't used Avon products in such a long time, but I used to adore their bath products! I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award up on my blog, check out the post!

    alicephillipss // A Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    Alice x


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