Essie Exotic Liras

March 25, 2015

Just recently I wrote a blog post dedicated to my favorite spring nail polishes, you can check it here: click. Thinking about all that pretty colors made me want to have more! I decided I should go for another Essie polish, because they are one of the best you can get, in my opinion. And here is the one I chose, it is called EXOTIC LIRAS.

First thought I had was: this is just like Watermelon (another Essie shade I adore). After detailed observation the last verdict was: no they are not the same, I need them both! So I bought it. And what a good decision that was!

The formula is gorgeous, the same as Watermelon. Very glossy finish, full opacity in one coat and dries very quickly. I couldn't want more from a nail polish. 
What about the color? Essie says that Exotic liras is a deeply decadent fuchsia, and Watermelon is a creamy and refreshing juicy red. Now that's some cute description. They both look pinky-red to me, except Watermelon is a bit of a brighter pink, and Exotic liras looks more red. Of course photos don't show their true color, as always. But you can get the idea. I promise you, in real life they don't look near as similar as they do in these photos.

I love the both and I am really happy to have them in my collection, I know I will get tons of use out of them!

What is your favorite Essie shade?
xo Linda

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2 komentarji

  1. Tega imam tudi jaz in je zelo posebne barve :) se mi pa zdi, da izgleda na meni drugače kot na mami :) pa tut barva je unikatna, nekje med rdečo in roza, ne moreš definirat :D

    1. Se popolnoma strinjam s tabo glede barve, še posebej težko je pa v sliko dobit pravi odtenek - ubistvu nemogoče. Je pa prelep lakec, ni kaj. :)


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