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March 16, 2015

Let's take a look at all the things I bought recently but didn't really need to!

First all the non makeup bits...

GARNIER OLIA hair color. I like to experiment with hair colors and usually mix two different shades. Although last time turned out a disaster (my hair came out black), I can't wait to try these two. I heard many good comments about the Olia hair dye! I got shades: Deep red, and Intense red.
(Price: reduced to 4,89€ in DM, usually about 6€)

ESSENCE NAIL POLISH REMOVER strawberry+passion fruit. My favorite cheap nail polish remover, repurchased many times.
LE PETIT MARSEILIAIS BODY BUTTER with shea butter, chamomile oil and fig milk. Already tried this since I bought it. Smells really nice, I can't describe the scent but I also can't say I smell any fig or chamomile in here. It has a very soft texture, almost feels like it is whipped. The scent stays on the skin for hours, and is really pleasant for my taste. I really like this one, I might repurchase other scents too. (3,59€ / 250ml / Leclerc)

Both of these are a repurchase. BALEA AQUA SERUM is a very good moisturizing serum I use under my daily moisturizer, it gives me just enough of the extra moisture my very dry skin needs. BALEA NIGHT CREAM UREA 5% is a brilliant very thick any moisturizing night cream for dry skin. I always use this in spring and summer, because my dry skin just never gives up, no matter what season of the year. I started using these two when I ran out of the Avon winter skin care I had. 
(Price: serum 30ml / 2,99€, night cream 50ml / 2,69€, both in DM).

GLISS KUR HAIR OIL. This is a nice drugstore hair oil, nothing special, but it makes my hair look shiny and soft and keeps my hair ends protected, and that is all I want. I feel like I have to use a lot of it to really cover my hair, so I think I am going to run out of this one very soon. I don't really like the scent, it is the typical 'Gliss kur oil' scent, luckily for me it doesn't stay on my hair for too long.
(Price: 8,99€ / 75ml in Muller).

GLISS KUR DEEP REPAIR SERUM. I have not yet tried this. The packaging and the fact that it was a new product intrigued me to buy it. I will use this as a conditioner. Smells really nice, too. (Price: 3,95€ / 200ml in Muller)
SYOSS ANTI-GREASE DRY SHAMPOO. Haven't tried this one yet, either. I really liked the other one (volume) so I decided to give this a try. I found that Syoss dry shampoo only really works if you use it like the instructions say to (you have to shake well before every spray and the brush your hair really well), I can get away with two extra days before washing if I use it. 
(Price: 2,98€ / 200ml in Leclerc)

And now for the makeup!

A lot of lip products!
ESSENCE LONG LASTING LIPSTICK in 04 ON THE CATWALK. Another of the popular Essence lipsticks I added to my collection. You can really build this shade up, from a sheer, light red tint to a full on red. (Price: 2,49€ in Muller)
CATRICE LIPSTICK 370 IN A ROSEGARDEN. I had my eyes on this pretty pink shade for a while, and decided it is time for me to get it. It goes perfectly with any makeup. (Price: 4,29€ in DM)
BOURJOIS ROUGE VELVET in NUDE-IST. I am sure you already know of these gorgeous lipsticks. After seeing a lot of photos of other bloggers wearing it, I really wanted to try it for myself. It is a darker nude shade but it doesn't look brown, and I am really happy about that, because brown is a big no no for my taste. It lasts very well for such a light shade and the velvet finish is unbelievably stunning. (Price 12,99€ in Muller.)
MANHATTAN LIP LACQUER in TEMPTING RED. You can read all about it here: click me
ESSENCE LIP LINER in 06 A GIRL'S DREAM. Very creamy, glides on like a dream and lasts for quite a long time. This shade goes perfectly with dark nude or light red shades. 
(Price: 1,59€ in Muller)

ESSENCE BLUSH BRUSH. The design on these is so pretty. The brush is very soft and is nice to work with it, but I don't really feel like it is very appropriate for blushes, because of the shape, I think it works better for a light contour with bronzer. I will stick to the regular shaped ones for my blusher. I really like how soft it is, nonetheless. (Price: 2,99€ in Muller)
BOURJOIS PUSH UP VOLUME GLAMOUR. I wanted to get the Maybelline Lash sensational mascara, but after some thinking I realized that maybe that wouldn't be the best idea because I am not the biggest fan of plastic wands - I have eye contacts and plastic wands really hurt the roots of my lashes sometimes, which tends to irritate my eyes. So I went for this one. The best decision ever! I love it. I will do a blog post about it for sure, you should stick around for that. :) 
(Price: 10,69€ in DM)

Why is this only now my first L'OREAL INFALLIBLE EYESHADOW, I have no idea. This is brilliant. I got this beautiful golden 'Sahara treasure' shade. This works like a pressed pigment, it is very pigmented and felt almost creamy when I swatched it. I love it! I am sure you already heard a lot about these! (Price: 8,45€ in DM - very pricey!)

ALVERDE MAKEUP FIXING SPRAY. First makeup fixing spray I tried - a little disappointed. I honestly see no difference! But I only used it a few times, I have to try it some more before I make my final decision. It is a very small packaging, and the smell is very strong - but not that unpleasant. I really want to try the UD fixing spray. (Price: 3,79€ / 50ml in DM)

CATRICE NAIL POLISHES IN (S)WIMBLEDON -left and A GALLON OF MELON -right. The green one was a gift for my friend - she loves it. The coral one is mine, I love it. It almost looks neon on my nails. I will definitely do a blog post with it - probably in a few days. About the new brush? It's OK, but nowhere near the good ones (Essie, for example). (Price: 2,59€ in DM)
ESSENCE NAIL ART EXPRESS DRY DROPS. This I have repurchased many times before. I don't know what kind of magic is in there, but it really makes your nail polish dry quicker. I would recommend this to anyone! (Price: 2,19€ in DM)

So this is it. I hope you liked this post, I am really proud of these pictures I made - it's amazing what my HTC can do!
Do you have any of these products I mentioned, do you like them?

Thanks for reading!
xo Linda

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  1. Sahara Treasure is one of my alltime favorite eyeshadows. You just put it on and it looks great! Perfect for when you're in a rush or when you don't know what to wear! :)
    That Catrice lipstick looks AMAZING! :)

    1. It just might become one of my favorites to, for the same reason you mentioned. And yes, Catrice lipsticks are amazing! :)
      Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Super pridobitve. :)
    Sploh vse zadeve za ustnice so waaau. <3

    1. O hvala. :) So ane? Najboljša stvar je pa to, da so (skoraj) vse pod 5€. :)


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