Empties and mini reviews #3

April 12, 2015

Hey! So, this post is long over due, because I have so many empty products! Maybe I should have divided this into two posts, I am not sure. It is what it is now, let's get to it. :)


BALEA BODY BALSAM SENSITIVE - whoever said that this is a 'balsam' did not lie. It really is - the consistency was very runny. It felt refreshing and very nice on the skin, it sank in fast. In a long term it did nothing to make my skin more hydrated and that is the reason I would not purchase it again.
SILISS SHAVING GEL - this is a Leclerc brand. I love this! Will definitely repurchase. Smells really nice, like peaches, is cheap and works just as great as Balea shaving gels. Basically, I can't tell a difference between these two.
ESSENCE NAIL POLISH REMOVER - simple: cheap and good. Will always repurchase.
REXONA SHOWER FRESH DEODORANT - I was quite surprised how good this was. Rexona is my go-to for deodorant. This 'shower fresh' scent is very refreshing. It also feels really gentle on the skin. Already repurchased, just in another scent and I am loving this one, too.
ALVERDE CELLULITE BODY OIL - I use this after I dry brush any problem areas I have. I love the fresh scent (lemon & rosemary). If you use it regularly you can tell the difference in tightness of your skin. Already repurchased. 

 AVON SENSES SENSUAL MYSTIQUE SHOWER GEL EXOTIC ROSE & JASMINE - this is a giant (500ml) packaging and it took me forever to finish it. It has the richest and the creamiest formula, making your skin soft and lovely. The scent lingers on skin for a while. The only problem was that the scent was quite strong and I got tired of it soon, so I will not purchase it again. I would, in another scent, yes.
NIVEA CREME PEELING SHOWER & SCRUB - I loved this! You can use it as a shower peeling, because it is gentle enough. But it also works well as a peeling, it helped with removing fake tan well. The scent is fresh and divine. I would repurchase, someday, but ATM I am using Rub rub rub from Lush and I like it very much.
BALEA MAGIC WINTER SHOWER GEL - this was so average. Since it is a 'winter edition', I expected much more moisture and nourishment from it, but I got none. All it did was smell nice, like flowers. Would not repurchase.


 VEET WAX STRIPS FOR FACIAL HAIR - I always use this every 6 - 8 weeks to remove any upper lip hair. Embarrassing, I know, but that life. You can't even imagine how better foundation looks on a totally smooth skin. I always use these, because they do a great job. And no, it's not painful. A box costs about 5€ and lasts me for almost a year. Totally worth it. I tried other brands in the past, none came even close to Veet.
INELL MICELLAR SOLUTION - the best and cheapest way to remove any makeup. Already repurchased.
BALEA FACE WASH FOAM - this is great! So soft any fun to use (since it makes a foam). I have super dry skin and this works great, did not dry me out. I use this after micellar water or cleansing oil, to make my face extra clean. I already repurchased.
AVON SOLUTIONS WINTER DAY & NIGHT FACE MOISTURIZERS - I loved these two. Used them all through winter and they kept my extremely dry skin nice any hydrated. They were a limited winter edition, but I would buy them again next winter.


 DOVE OIL CARE 1 MINUTE HAIR TREATMENT - this was a decent conditioner. Many bloggers love this so I gave it a try too. It worked ok, but I didn't notice any drastic changes. Currently I am using a similar product from Gliss kur and it works just as great. I would repurchase this one.
L'OREAL ELVITAL MAGIC HAIR OIL - what can I say... this was a total 'meh' product. It took ages to use it all, but I am not really sure it did anything for me! Maybe they were a little softer, but that's all. I was disappointed, would not buy again and do not recommend it.
SYOSS VOLUME DRY SHAMPOO - I liked this! I already purchased the anti-grease version, but I think I prefer this one more. I would love to try Batiste dry shampoo, to see what all the rage is about.


 CATRICE NUDE ILLUSION FOUNDATION - a nice foundation, working well with my skin type. I really like it's luminous matte finish. Currently I am using Healthy mix from Bourjois, but I would repurchase this again in future.
ESSENCE LIQUID INK EYELINER - I don't have much experience with liquid liners and I don't use them often, but I like this one and it suits my need. I like the applicator and the fact that it is very black. Already repurchased.
CATRICE CONCEALER - I don't even know how this one is called, every detail is rubbed off. It was quite thick and it creased under my eyes after a few hours, so I would not repurchase it again. Currently I am using another Catrice highlighting concealer and I like it a lot, so I will probably keep on using it.
ESSENCE BETTER THAN GEL NAILS HIGH GLOSS TOP SEALER - my favorite top coat. Gives intense shine, protects colored nail polish and makes your manicure last longer. Already repurchased. Highly recommend!
ESSENCE EXPRESS DRY DROPS - I have been using these for years. I tend to reach for them, when I paint my nails at night, to make sure they dry before I go to bed. Already repurchased.
CATRICE ULTIMATE LAST MULTIMIZER MASCARA - I liked this one. Did not give much volume, but it is good for separating lashes. I am not sure if I would repurchase it, because there are so many other mascaras I want to try.
L'OREAL MISS MANGA MASCARA - almost everyone hates this mascara, but it worked well for me. It wasn't spectacular, but it was black and volumizing and that OK for me. Would I repurchase? Maybe. One day. 

And that's it! Question of the day: have you tried any of these products and have they worked well for you? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!
xo Linda

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5 komentarji

  1. Si pa dosti produktov spraznila :)
    Meni se samo kopičijo, ker si še druge stvari zraven kupim in potem ''stare'' ne pridejo na vrsto.
    Skušam zdaj biti pridna, pa redno vse uporabljat.

    Drugače pa nisem dvomila o Niveinem produktu, sicer kot piling še nisem uporabljala, sem pa na splošno z znamko zelo zadovoljna. Glede Baleinega gela za tuširanje iz zimske kolekcije sem pa mislila, da bo v redu, sem si ga pozimi ogledovala, pa sem si potem spet kar od Niveje vzela.

    Super objava drugače :)

    1. Jih je kar veliko ja, ampak je tudi trajalo kar nekaj mesecev. :) jaz se pa pri izdelkih za osebno nego kar spretno izogibam kopičenja in kupim le to, kar res rabim. Pri ličilih je pa druga zgodba. :)
      Glede gela za tuširanje si se pa čisto pravilno odločila, da si vzela Niveinega, ker tale je bolj kot ne razočaranje.
      Hvala za komentar! :)

  2. Catrice Nude Illusion je tudi meni super, topcoat pa je moj must have :)

  3. Joj tale shaving gel iz Leclerca me že mika ko sem videla breskev :)


Thank you for all your comments! :)