My top 5 under 5 for summer

May 16, 2015

Hello dear readers,
I am sorry for this 10 day absence, my schedule was a mess. It will all get better now.
Thanks for your patience!

Today I would like to write a little something about my favorite products for summer, which will be a definite must-have for me in the upcoming months, and some of them already are. And a big plus, they all cost less than 5€! :)


I believe this is called 'Summer glow' in other countries. My skin is very pale and in the summer I don't feel comfortable showing my arms and legs. Plus, all my clothes are black, so you can get the idea: I literally look like a ghost going to a funeral every day. Not the cutest thing, let me tell you than. I am afraid of going to a tanning bed, because I believe it is much more harmful than using a little tanning lotion.
I discovered this lotion a few years ago via Anna Saccone on Youtube, she swears by it. I bought it in Muller for the first time about three years ago and since then it is my staple in the summer. Easy to use, you can't really screw it up just as long as you exfoliate, doesn't smell artificial (I actually like the scent), gives you such a pretty natural tan, I have never looked orange with it. You can use it a few nights in a row if you want a darker tan - since it is gradual. 
I tried other drugstore gradual tanner, but I had some bad experience (orange and streaky skin, no bueno). I swear by this.
If you are into easy tanning, give this a try!
Price: 3,95€ in Muller


I am sure you heard of this before (even I mentioned it a couple of times). If you ask me, this is the perfect summer face moisturizer for normal/dry/combination skin - such a lightweight and refreshing formula, but very moisturizing at the same time. I use this under foundation and it works fantastic.
Price: around 3€ in DM


I bought this because the price was so low, and I have never before tried a makeup fixing spray. I didn't even know what to expect. It turned out very nice and I would miss it if someone would take it away from me now. I will be using it all summer. I like how refreshing it feels when you spray it on your face. Maybe it's just my imagination, but I honestly think my makeup lasts longer when I use this. I can tell this the best after wearing makeup for 12+ hours, when my bronzer is still visible and my foundation looks very decent - no separation.
Price: around 3€ in DM


Another must have! If you get oily in the t-zone after a couple of hours after applying makeup, this will be perfect for you. Some people fix that with adding some more powder, but my personal opinion is that this is nothing but caking it up and making it even worse. So I use these. Thin sheets of paper, that absorb all that oil of your face, and you are left with matified skin and your foundation still looks nice, they don't disturb it. I highly recommend these! 
Price: around 2-3€ at every Essence stand


Sometimes you don't want to wear a heavy makeup during summer, all you want is a BB cream, some mascara and a pop of color on your lips. This is perfect for those days! At the same time it is moisturizing but also giving you the perfect summer vibrant color. I have the shade 'Strike a rose', and this is a very buildable color.
Price: around 2-3€ in DM and Muller

So these are my summer picks! What do you think, would any of these products interest you to try it? Tell me your favorites and suggestions. :)

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it!
xo Linda

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10 komentarji

  1. Baby Lips je res super! :)
    Meni ustnice fajn navlaži, glede na to, da imam izjemno suhe.

    1. Res je, tale obarvan je pa sploh super za poletje! :)

  2. Meni pa Essence lističi za matiranje odstranijo poleg olja tudi puder, tako da mi niso najljubši.
    Se pa strinjam za Balein serum - super izdelek, tudi za mastno kožo. :)

    1. O smola. Uporabljaš katere druge, bi kakšne priporočila? Da vidim, če bodo prevzeli prvo mesto nad temi. :)

  3. Nič še nisem poskusila ampak tale losjon izgleda zelo obetavno :) Bi kar potrebovala malo temnejše polti!

    1. Le daj, ker je zelo enostavna uporaba, pa lepo polt boš imela. :)

  4. Dober blog, rada prebiram takšne objave ;)

  5. Me pa samo zanima glede tega Dove losjona ... pušča slučajno sledi na oblačilih? Ker imam sama isti problem, neverjetno sem bleda in bi se rada že počasi tega znebila :D

    1. Nisem opazila puščanja barve, ne na pizami, ne na rjuhah. Čez dan pa tako...vedno sem oblečena v črno in na črnih oblačilih se nič ne pozna. Kako bi bilo, če bi imela belo majico recimo, pa težko rečem. Najbolje, da kar poskusiš :) Majo ga pa samo v Milerju, za 4€, v DMu ga ni :)


Thank you for all your comments! :)