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June 08, 2015


I know this post is way over due. What can I say, life happened and I had very little time even to turn on my computer. If I could, I would post much more here, but I'll leave that for summer when I will have more time on my hands. I hope you understand that!

About a month ago I had my birthday so I received some pretty things I will show you, I placed my order in Born pretty store and I bought a few essentials in DM. Let's get to it! :)

First of all, goodies I ordered in Born pretty store!

This is supposed to be a magic rubber tool to remove blackheads. Got it for a dollar and expected very little of it. It does not remove blackheads, but it does 'scrub' off the top layer of your skin and makes it easier to remove them afterwards. 

Love cheap fake lashes! Those were very cheap in BPS too, around three dollars for a pack of five very well made, they are quite dramatic but the strip is clear, which I love. Haven't used them yet.
Fake beauty blender from BPS. I believe it was around two dollars. I used it twice and that was it. Even when it is soaked in water, it is still very small and dense and hard to work with. I do not recommend this one. It's just not worth the money. Real techniques sponge for 7€ works a thousand times better, I suggest you get that one instead.

The last thing I ordered there are these cute Taurus earrings (my zodiac sign). They were very cheap (around 2 dollars) but they are not uncomfortable to wear. But none the less, they are not silver or stainless steel so I don't wear them daily. They have all the zodiac signs, check them out! 

Next, what I got at Bottega Verde. This is a new brand to me. They just opened a store in a shopping center close to me, and had -50% discount on everything for the first month. I bough two things and also received a little gift. I am very happy with all the things I got and will definitely check their store in the future again.
I bought this Argan & Iris from Morocco body milk and I have to say, this is the best body milk I have tried in my entire life. This bottle is almost empty by the time I am typing this. The scent is fantastic, the pump works brilliantly - you get just enough product out of the bottle. It sinks into the skin in seconds, leaving it soft, smooth and nourished. They offer a lot more scents, but this one was my favorite. Will definitely repurchase this one!
Price: 13,99€ for 250ml (got it for 7€ at the time)

This was the gift, travel size of the Black vanilla body lotion. This smells divine. It is a strong, erotic scent and I imagine it wouldn't be suitable for everyone. I totally see myself wearing this in the summer for date nights with my man.

Last thing I bought was this linseed hair oil, 50ml for 13,99€ (got it for 7€). I haven't used it enough yet to tell you more about it, but so far so good. 

Next, let's go to a few products I bought for myself in the drugstores.

DOVE SUNSHINE is a gradual self tanner I use every summer. It doesn't stink and gives me a natural glow and color to the skin, perfect for my pale complexion. Price: 4€ 

SUN DANCE SPF 20. I bought this in a hurry, just to get some sun protection, I don't really care about the brand. I like that it is a spray. Price: 3,69€

BOURJOIS HEALTY MIX foundation is a must in my make up bag. I repurchased it as soon as I ran out of my last bottle. I went a shade up, for summer, and got it in a 52 shade. This is such a beautiful glowing, healthy looking foundation! Price: 14,99€

LOREAL ELSEVE EXTRAORDINARY OIL nourishing conditioner for dry hair. *insert angels singing* In my whole life, I have never tried a conditioner this good. The scent, dear lord! It smells like an expensive perfume and it stays on my hair for hours. And that's nothing... my hair has never before felt so silky smooth, shiny and nourished as it does with this conditioner. This is my new favorite! I would like to try the shampoo, too. Price: 3,39€ / 200ml

NIVEA IN-SHOWER BODY MILK for dry skin. I bet you are all familiar with these Nivea 'shower lotions'. I love using them in combination with regular lotion, when I have fake tan on - it helps to keep the tanner on for longer, because my skin is very moisturized. I also like the typical clean Nivea scent this one has. Price: 4,09€ / 250ml

My old eyelash curler broke (after 5 years or more) so I bought a new one. I didn't have much choice because this ELITE MODELS was the only one in the drugstore when I was buying it. So far it works OK but nothing spectacular. Price: 4,69€

L'OREAL PARIS NAIL POLISH collection exclusive by Julianne was a bit of a disappointment! It looked like a perfect vibrant coral in the store, but when I applied it on my nails... where is the coral? All I got was a bright red. The shade is deceiving. I will use it none the less, but I really wanted the shade to be coral. Price: 4,99€ (too high!)

ESSENCE THE GEL NAILPOLISH in Hey, love! is a red glitter nail polish I intend to use as a top coat over black or dark red base, I saw this combination on my friend and it was lovely! Price: 1,69€

  CATRICE EYE BROW STYLIST in 020 Date with Ash-ton is a repurchase and my favorite eye brow pencil. The shade is perfect for me. This is already the third pencil for me. Price: 2,59€

ESSENCE I <3 EXTREME macara and STAY NATURAL concealer are both a quick purchase, because I ran out of my recent mascara and concealer at the same time and I had to fill the three weeks long gap until I get my Avon order. LOL :) I really needed them. So far I love the concealer, but even the lightest shade is very dark! The mascara isn't that great, but it will do for the next few weeks until I get my Avon order. Price: mascara 2,99€, concealer 2,19€

The last part, a few things I got as gifts for my birthday! I also bought myself a new phone, and got a whole motorcycle suit (screams of excitement) from my man, but I didn't include these in the pictures!

REVLON 45 DAYS TOTAL COLOR CARE SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER for brave reds. My roommate knew I wanted to buy this for the longest time, but never really got to it, so she got it for me. So far I like it, but it's kinda hard to work with, because it is conditioner and a shampoo at the same time and that makes it a bit hard to work with. 

I also got two lovely nail polishes from two friends, thank you girls! I love the shades. :)

My dear Petra got me this Makeup revolution Iconic pro 2 palette, and I was excited like a little girl when I opened it. Hard to admit, but this is actually my first MR product. I love these shades, use them daily and will definitely order more from them!

Thanks for reading! Do you have and like any of these products?
Have a nice day!
xo Linda

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  1. Upam, da boš naredila review za ta revlonov šampon, ker tudi jaz razmišljam, da bi si ga omislila :) sploh za poletje, ko se mi barva na soncu posvetli in se hitreje izpira :)

    1. Joj Julija, se opravičujem ker ti šele zdaj odpisujem, čisto sem spregledala komentar nevem kako mi je to uspelo. Lahko ti kar povem, da sama nisem opazila nobene razlike v barvi las pri uporabljanju tega šampona.


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