Essie fall manicure

September 22, 2014

October is just around the corner and that makes me so happy. Fall (or autumn, however you want to call it) is my favorite season.

Dark colors are my signature. You don't really find much color in my wardrobe, black is my thing. Although in the summer I tend to reach for brighter pink and coral nail polishes, dark red and such are my favorites. And Essie's Bahama mama is one of them. I just got it recently, but it made its way to my favorites instantly. Its a dark, almost plum-like red and it just gives me a little kick of color, being not plain black. No matter how much I love black, black nail polish can be boring.

with flash

This nail polish really is worth its price. I applied two coats, but that is the standard so it is not a big deal. It dried quite quickly and that really appeals to me. I used a top coat along with it and it lasted me quite a few days. It could probably last for about 4-5 days without chipping, which in my opinion is long lasting. I had to remove it after three days though, because I was working for 10 hours a day so my nails were more exposed to 'damaging'.

My final thoughts are, this nail polish is really good quality and the color is simply stunning. It will be a staple for me for the next 6 months through fall and winter at least. 

Stay happy

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5 komentarji

  1. Dobrodošla. :)
    Tega Essie-ja mam tudi jaz in je definitivno ena najlepših in popolnejših barv za jesen. :) Še posebej lepo pride z zlatimi bleščicami.

    1. Hvala za dobrodošlico! Toliko blogov sem prebrala in občudovala, da sem se odločila, da je čas, da tudi jaz začnem, hehe :)

  2. Dobrodošla :) Bahama mama je res lepa rdečka, pa čudovite nohte imaš <3


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