September 2014 favorites

October 04, 2014

So September is over and my favorite month is here. It didn't start as I wanted (got terribly sick - this is also the reason why I am a few days late with this post) but I know it will be great anyway. :)
Let's see what my favorite products last month were.

Let's start with makeup. 

I guess Catrice brand was the winner this month (or is it every month? Probably - I am in love with their products.) I loved the NUDE ILLUSION foundation. It claims to be luminous matt and that is exactly what it is. Shade 010 Nude Ivory is my perfect match, it lasts for the whole day, it doesn't get patchy on my dry skin - what more could I want? 

Although it is long lasting, just to be more secure I always use a powder after it. I have found my perfect match. It is the PRIME AND FINE MATTIFYING POWDER waterproof. It makes the foundation look even better, helps it last longer and prevent shine. I don't know much about the waterproof claim, but I don't need that anyway. I don't think it is the best of the best of face powders, but for the price (about 5€ in DM or Muller) it works fine for me.
And than here is the ILLUMINATING BLUSH, a beautiful pigmented silky smooth blush that can also be a highlighter, perfect for when you are running late and only want to use one product. I loved the color and the formula - one of the best blushes I own. My shade is 010 I Am Nuts About You.

Eyeshadow winner is without a doubt Maybelline Color tattoo 24h in On and on Bronze. It is a long lasting, very pigmented cream eyeshadow that you can use on its own or as a primer. I used it both ways and it always worked great. The bronze color is perfect for fall.

Than there are a few lip products I loved this month. I used more than only these three but for these I reached more often. Baby lips electro in Strike a rose was the lip balm of choice, it is a sheer neon pink that I loved more on the sunny days. It is very pigmented for a lip balm, kinda long lasting and smells good! The gloss I loved is Dior Lip polish smoothing lacquer in 003, it looks very orange/coral in the tube and swatched but on the lips it becomes more sheer. It is longlasting but can be sticky. 
Lipstick was the winner. It is one of the new Catrice Ultimate stay in 060 Floral Coral. I love the color, the smell, the shape, it is very long lasting... I love everything about it. I want more shades in my collection, this is for sure. This shade is mauve-rose, I would say.

From left to right: Dior lip polish 003 - Catrice Ultimate stay 060 Floral coral - Maybelline Baby lips Strike a rose - Maybelline Color tattoo On and on bronze

What about nail polish? I loved darker colors as you can see. Essie was the winner, but as Catrice it probably always is, they have the best nail polishes in my opinion.

From left to right: Essie Bahama mama - Essence English rose - Essie Watermelon - Essie Sole mate

And lastly is skincare and other stuff. I loved Avon naturals face hydrating moisturizer in peach and cotton. It makes my skin very soft, smells good but nothing special. It is very appropriate for summer. In the colder months I will have to change it for something more hydrating because my skin is sooo dry, it's a nightmare.

Than comes my new holy grail hand cream, Dr. Scheller Calendula hand balm. Damn this is good. I use it before I go to bed at night, and it makes miracles. It says on the tube that it gives 'instant protection for rough and chapped hands' and it really does. If I use it everyday, I don't have any problems with my hands being dry. It smells nice, too. The scent is calming before sleep.

What about my hair? I color them every 4-6 weeks and since that can be damaging, I always have to use hair masks and oils. I loved this Gliss hair repair Million Gloss from Schwarkopf. I don't know about the 10 days shine, because my hair is shiny all the time but thanks to the oil and leave-in conditioner I use. But this mask did good for my hair, it made them soft and nourished. The smell is just the typical Gliss kur smell, anyone who has ever tried any of their products will know what I mean by that. I don't know if I will repurchase it because there are many others I want to try. Kerastase is the one I have my eyes on at the moment.

So, that is it about my favorites. What did you love recently?

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  1. Blush in šminka zgledata mamljivo :) Te neon baby lips pa videvam na vseh blogih, ne vem koliko časa se jim bom še lahko upirala :)
    Pa mega kjut embalažo imajo, črna+neon=<3

  2. Embalaža je tudi razlog zakaj sem jaz popustila in kupila še tega poleg vseh drugih ki jih že mam :) šminko in blush pa res priporočam - vredna denarja!

  3. Same super odtenke Essijev si izbrala ;)


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