Pink for October

October 12, 2014

As you all know, October is breast cancer awareness month and pink is the color of the ribbon that represents it.
I decided that this post will be dedicated to all of my favorite pink 'products'. I can't include any clothes or accessories, because pretty much all I wear is black (except pajamas, but we don't want to see that, right :) ) but amongst my favorite makeup or other products I can find a few pink ones.
I have some skincare, lipstick, a nail polish and something random. :)

I will start with nail polish. I have quite a few in my collection, but this one is the winner. It was part of last years OPI for breast cancer awareness collection, if I am not mistaken. It's a beautiful light pink shade called 'pink-ing of you'. It lasts quite a few days on my nails, but sadly the formula is not that great - I usually have to put on three layers to make it look decent.

And for skincare, I chose this Labello lip butter (some of you may know it as Nivea) and a Neutrogena face wash. This lip butter is great: smells good and very hydrating. I use it every night before I go to sleep and it heals chapped lips overnight. When I run out of this one, I will buy the blueberry flavor, without a doubt.

Neutrogena Visibly clear daily scrub in Pink grapefruit has been my staple for years! It is the best face scrub I have ever tried and I intend to stay faithful. :) It can be used daily, but sadly my skin is too dry, I use it about two to three times a week, and it gives me just the right amount of exfoliation I need. Smells good, too. I also heard good things about the regular Pink grapefruit face wash, but I haven't tried that one yet.

Choosing my favorite pink lip products was hard, because I have so many, but I settled for three. A gloss, a lip butter and a lipstick. Gloss is the famous Catrice Beautifying Lip smoother everyone is talking about. And the hype is deserved, it simply is an awesome product. Long-lasting, nicely pigmented and very hydrating. It became one of my favorites as soon as I tried it for the first time. The shade I have is called Cake pop.

There has been so much written about Revlon lip butters on the internet already, I won't add much. This shade Strawberry shortcake is a stunning pink, and oh my how good does this product feel on the lips! The lipstick is one from the long-lasting Essence range, which by the way are probably the best what you can get for 2€ at the drugstore. The lighter shades fade quicker than darker do, but that is expected anyway. The shade 'Love me' is a stunning light pink and I reach for it often.

Catrice Cake pop - Revlon Strawberry shortcake - Essence love me

And lastly I have a cute random pink chocolate! I work in a luxury chocolate shop here in Slovenia and yes I love my work. :) This white chocolate truffles or pralines with strawberries are the cutest and so yummy, I just thought I would share them with you!

I hope I inspired you to think about your favorite pink products!
Enjoy and be happy :) xo

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  1. Odličen post. :) Še je mene zamikalo, da bi naredila podobnega. :P
    Pa tele čokoladice izgledajo zelo njami. Delo v prodajalni čokolade mora biti zanimivo, čeprav bi se jaz kar težko kontrolirala, sem preveliki čokoholik. :P

    1. Ti kar naredi kaj podobnega :) Ja je pa res zanimivo in prijetno :) mogoče bi se ti pa čokolada uprla, kaj pa veš :D meni se sicer ni :)


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