My winter skincare

January 10, 2015

Today I would like to write something about my winter skincare routine. I believe many have experienced dry or sensitive skin during these colder months. I suffer from dry skin all year round, but when the winter comes, it gets much worse. Last winter I could not find a good moisturizer, I went to the doctor, had a consultation at the pharmacy, nothing helped me, I was devastated! My skin on my nose and chin was literally peeling off.

So you can imagine my fear when another winter came around. I can admit, I was thinking about which moisturizer(s) should I try this cold season  since the end of summer. About three months ago one day I was just browsing the Avon catalog which my mom brought from work (her coworker sells Avon), and looking for which makeup product should I order next (I usually always order something). And there they were, a special winter set of a day and night face moisturizers for extremely dry skin. They immediately appealed to me, and they were on sale for 7,90€ for the set. Without a doubt I ordered them! 

A week later the package arrived and I was so happy! Of course I started using them immediately. In a week the results were here. My skin had never before felt so good. No peeling, no dry patches, nothing! I still can't believe that after so much time and changing my moisturizers I finally found a product that works so good and was so cheap (7,9€ for two jars, come on). 

I am really glad about the fact that it is a set for day and night. The main ingredients are ALMOND OIL and  GREEN COFFEE. The night cream is much more heavy and thick, but this is perfect because at night your skin needs this hydration. Daily cream is a bit lighter and has a SPF 20 which is a big plus. I have one complaint, the daily cream made my skin a little oily and for the first few days when I was using it, my foundation got really patchy and weird on my skin after just a few hours after putting it on. I did a little research, started using face primer after moisturizing and before foundation and the problem is now gone, the foundation stays on all day looking flawless and my skin is happy. 

I really recommend this winter set from Avon, it is so cheap and it helped me, with severe dry skin. I give it 10/10.

What about other products I use?
At night I ALWAYS remove my makeup, I am well aware of how important this is! You should be too, but I think you already are, since you are reading beauty blogs or maybe even writing one. :)
For this I use the INELL EAU MICELLAIRE micellar water, it is a brand you can buy at Leclerc. This product is like magic in a bottle. I know you all know micellar waters! The famous Bioderma one, or the cheaper L'oreal, Garnier, Afrodita (in Slovenia). I tried all of them and this one from Leclerc is the best. This bottle costs about 2,2€ it contains half a liter and lasts me for about 2-3 months. It looks like water, doesn't have a detectable smell and literally melts your makeup off. I highly recommend it! 

After removing my makeup, I always follow up with a face wash. My favorite is this BALEA cleaning foam for normal to combination skin. It is gentle enough, feels really soft on the skin, is fun to use and really cheap. About 2 times a week I do a soft exfoliation to remove all the dead skin, for this I use the NEUTROGENA Pink grapefruit daily peeling gel. It is definitely too harsh for me for daily use, but twice a week is just perfect. It does the job and has been a skincare staple for about 5 years for me now.  After cleaning my skin I put on the night cream. In the morning I don't do anything special, I only put the daily cream on after washing my face with cold water to wake me up.

Once a week or every two weeks, when I have time, I put on a face mask for dry skin. I should do it more often, I know. I just forget. This one is also from Avon and is called Avon Planet spa Heavenly Hydration face mask with Mediterranean olive oil. I put it on for 20 minutes and than wipe away any residue. Usually there is none, because my skin soaks in everything because it is so thirsty. The mask smells like olives, I don't really like the scent, but other than that it works perfect for me. I would recommend it to anyone with dry skin. 

So this is all I have to say, I am really happy with my skin and the Avon winter day and night set was a total win.
Have you ever tried any Avon face products and how did they work on you?


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