Lancôme Bleu de Flore

January 20, 2015

Recently I got the chance to try my first ever Lancôme nail polish in the shade called BLEU DE FLORE. After some research I learned that this lacquer is a part of the 'Vernis in love' collection, which was released as a part of the 'Rouge in love' collection, a while ago.

This shade is such a mystery - when the lightening changes, the shade does too. It can go from black, to a dark blue, sometimes it can look even teal. Without a doubt it is a gorgeous dark shade, with a very glossy finish. I had trouble with capturing the true shade in the picture - it looks so different in real life, but on pictures it always looks blue - teal.

I applied two coats, without any problems - the brush is nicely shaped. The first coat dried very quickly, the second one took a few minutes more (around 10-15). The polish lasted for 4 days, than it started chipping slightly, so I removed it. I am really sorry but I don't know the exact price - I do believe it retails for less than 20€ here in Europe.

Final verdict? An unique shade, a luxurious polish, but with average lasting qualities - Essie and OPI polishes are just about the same good quality but cheaper and with much more shades available. Definitely doesn't hurt to have such a luxurious polish with an unique color in your collection.

Have a nice day!

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2 komentarji

  1. Super lepa barva je, se mi zdi da bi bila primerna tako za pozimi kot poleti :D

  2. Se strinjam, ker pod soncem bi pa res izgledala že čisto turkizno zeleno :)


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