I'm back!

October 01, 2015

It's been more than three months. Three long and busy months. 
Exams, job, problems, some more exams... time flew by, and after a month of not having enough time, my motivation dropped down to zero. You might think these are just some excuses, but believe me, they are not.
Somewhere in the middle also my phone died, I use it to take pictures for my blog... And for the next two months, I waited for it to be fixed. I the mean time I was using my old phone, and it's camera quality is shit. I tried to take some pictures for blog, but they were horrible. So I let it all aside.

Yesterday I finally got a new phone! After so much waiting, brand new phone with a very good camera. I am so happy!
Finally I can start taking pictures again, and with the start of a new year, I am full of ideas and motivated to write the best posts ever! 

Not to mention, tomorrow I am attending the first beauty bloggers meet up here in my city, meeting all fellow Slovenian bloggers and learning new tips and tricks on how to write the best posts, take good pictures... I can't wait! 

I know three month long break is a very long one, and I sincerely hope not all of you have forgotten about me. I certainly have not forgotten about my blog, honestly, I was thinking about it every day and feeling guilty for not posting.

Thank you for reading this! I wish you all a very happy, successful, motivated and positive new student's year! 

Read you soon, (coming back with my recent favorites post - my favorite kind of posts!)
xo Linda
photo source: Pinterest

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  1. Dobrodošla nazaj :) Jaz sm tudi malo ''pavzirala'' z bloganjem, ampak it feels good to be back :D


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