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October 07, 2015

As promised, here are my current favorite products! I thought, a post like this would be a perfect one to come back after a long time of not posting anything.

Recently I've been loving these two Afrodita body care products: Red grapes oil shower gel and Mineral water with aloe vera body moisturizer. This shower oil gel leaves you with the softest skin and the moisturizer is perfect for every day, with a refreshing scent. It is quite light, so I wouldn't use it in the winter time, when my skin gets really dry. 

This new Essence 'Hi, I care for you!' hand cream is my favorite because of the light floral scent, and the way this sinks into your skin in seconds, leaving it soft and nourished, is amazing. Shea butter and coconut oil really work like magic! Lush's Lemony flutter is a staple: best cuticle cream! I am sure you have all heard about this amazing product before. I also use it on my elbows and feet sometimes, because they tend to get really dry in these colder days.

This got2beVolumania refreshing styling powder is not really a dry shampoo, but I use it like one. It works perfect! Smells like raspberries, and really gives some texture to your hair, but I am not quite sure about the volume. I don't really care about that anyway, because I use it as a dry shampoo on my third day hair, and it works perfect for that.
Elvital Fibralogy shampoo is my go to for the past two months. What is it about it that I love? It foams up a lot, so I can only shampoo my hair once, don't feel the need to do it twice, and get a really clean feeling none the less. My hair is always so soft after I use it, even if I am too lazy to use some conditioner. It doesn't make my hair greasier than it already is, I can get away with three days between washing (on the third day I always use the got2be spray I mentioned a few lines ago).

And now for some makeup products!

Maybelline Colorama nail polishes were a big surprise to me! They are really really good! Unfortunately the color selection here in Slovenia is quite poor and old, but you can find some nice shades. These last up to 7 days on my nails, which is amazing! With the black one I got to 6 days without top coat!

Bourjois Healthy mix serum foundation in shade 51 is an old (and probably every month's) favorite. This works amazing on my skin, it's a perfect color match and I love the dewy finish it leaves.
Catrice Made to stay highlighter pen is a great inner corner highlight, but you need to know it is super glittery and it can look too artificial if you use it too much. I wanted to take a swatch picture but sadly this product didn't want to work with me, and all the pictures were blurry and I rather not post any.
L'oreal Miss manga mega volume mascara is a repurchase. It is a decent drugstore mascara, not too expensive. It gives some length and volume, but can easily clump your lashes if you are not careful. I will probably not repurchase it again, because I know I can find better ones out there.
Maybelline color sensation lipstick in the shade 620 pink brown was my favorite lipstick for the past month, since I got it. The scent is nice, sweet, and for a shade this nude this is very long lasting. The name describes the shade perfectly: pink brown. Very good nude shade for us pale girls. 

The last two products are my absolute favorites and they are both from Makeup revolution:

Their Naked chocolate palette is the most beautiful eyeshadow palette I have ever seen. It's almost like my name is written all over it because all the colors are simply stunning and totally my taste! I like to create dramatic looks and this gives me just that. But if I want to create a somewhat natural look for every day, this is just perfect for that, too. I love it! With some primer, these stay on for 24 hours, if they need too. Every single shade in this palette is pigmented, some more, some less, but none of them is disappointing. For the low price (around 10€) this is wonderful and a must have.
The Pro fix amazing makeup spray is a new product to me, because I was never really into setting sprays. But after reading a lot of good reviews, I had to get this one to try! It did not let me down. Since I got it, I use it daily. I feel like my makeup stays perfect for the whole day with this, and I honestly don't have to worry about the possibility of  some 'disappeared' bronzer and blush at the end of the day. It stays put perfect. You need to try this if you haven't already!

Do you have any of these products? Do you like them too?
Thanks for reading, have a nice day!
xo Linda

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4 komentarji

  1. Maybeline laki so tudi moji najljubši cenovno dosegljivi laki :) Color Show ima malo večji nabor in neke LE ob določenih letnih časih. Škoda da jih mi seveda tu nimamo :/. Se mi zdi, da se Maybelline nič ne potrudi razširit ponudbo za nas. Čokoladka je pa itak odlična :)

    1. Ja, meni je bilo že presenečenje ko sem neke nove pudre in glose opazila, drugače se mi zdi res vse isto že zadnje tri leta. Škoda, v tujini pa tako bogata ponudba.

  2. Maybeline laki so mi že nekaj časa zanimivi, ampak ponavadi vzamem essence :) Tale čokoladna paletka (in ostali odtenki) mi imajo res lušten izbor barv + super pakiranje :D Kje pa si kupila tole essence kremo za roke?

    1. So neprimerljivo boljši laki od Essence, le vzemi kdaj kakšnega. :) Kremo pa sem kupila v Mullerju, bila je kot neka omejena izdaja (postavljene so bile v sredini, tam, kjer so ponavadi LE serije).


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