What's in my makeup bag?

October 12, 2015

This really shouldn't be titled like this, since it's not completely true, but it was the easiest title.
I'm going to show you all the products I keep in my makeup bag at my boyfriend's house. I don't live with him yet, but I sleep over a few times a week. You know how heavy our bags can be... I really don't want to carry all this makeup with me all the time, along all the other heavy things!

So I created a list of all the must have products, made a collection and now I don't have to worry about carrying everything with me, every time I visit. And it's great! 

CATRICE ALL MATT PLUS FOUNDATION: I already had this foundation in my collection and it wasn't my favorite. I mean, it's OK, but I wouldn't use it every day. For twice a week, it's totally fine. Why I don't like it as much? I feel like this shade makes my skin look grey and dull. Also, it can get cakey if you apply too much. The ESSENCE STAY ALL DAY CONCEALER was just a random buy and so far it's good for those 2€. 

CATRICE SKIN FINISH POWDER and SUN GLOW MATT BRONZER: I had these two for forever and I really need to use them up! Powder is very natural looking, but I think this shade is not the best match for me, I usually buy translucent powders, so I have no idea what was I thinking. This bronzer is my favorite, I actually use it on a daily basis. It looks good on my pale skin, not orange, and for me that's the most important thing. You still have to be careful not to apply too much. 

MANHATTAN POWDER ROUGE (shade Apricot) I had this one for years. I should probably throw it away. But it still looks OK, the shade is very natural and gives some glow to my skin. I also like that it has a brush, so I don't need to use an additional one, because this one 
works surprisingly good. 

CATRICE MULTICOLOR HIGHLIGHTER (LE Celtica) I am sorry to say that, because I love Catrice products, but this one sucks. It has no pigmentation. I would still like to use at least a bit of it up, so I don't feel guilty for throwing it away. I apply it with my fingers, becase I feel that it actually picks the pigment up better than any brush I tried.

CATRICE ABSOLUTE NUDE and CHOCOLATE NUDES: my favorite drugstore palette's. I am not going to discuss much about them because I am sure you are all familiar with these. I like that they are small and fit into this bag easily. The colors are perfect for every day, and I can easily create a few very nice looks with these. I have to say, I am a bit disappointed with pigmentation in the Chocolate nudes palette. The other one is much better. 
ESSENCE SHADOW QUAD: this is too old. I probably had this one for more than 3 years. I know, I know. I only use it because I like the matte brown shade. 
AVON EYE SHADOW BASE: this is my favorite eye shadow base and I use it daily. I would recommend this to anyone. 

 CATRICE EYEBROW PENCIL (shade 020): this one is also a must have, it is my favorite eyebrow product, easy to manage and the color is a perfect match. I believe this is my 4th pencil already. I would repurchase it any time.
AVON BIG&DARING BLACK PENCIL is a daily necessity in my make-up routine. I like this one because the color is a true black, it is very long lasting and you don't have to use a sharpener. If you want to smudge it, you have to do it right away after you apply it because it sets very quickly and doesn't move after.
DEBORAH BROWN EYE PENCIL: this one is poorly pigmented and not very long lasting, but I use it when I want a softer look. If I use a primer before and set it with a shadow afterward, the longevity becomes almost decent.
BALEA LIPBALM: I always use some kind of a lip balm before I start applying make up. This is just a cheap one I want to use up. 
ESSENCE I <3 EXTREME waterproof mascara. I bought this after seeing many bloggers write good things about it. This one is actually the first Essence mascara I like. It's nothing spectacular, but for the cheap price it works just fine. It's very hard to get it off, and that bugs me a lot, so I keep it in this bag where I don't have to use it more than twice a week.  

 And for makeup application? On the first picture you saw a Beauty blender dupe. I use it to apply foundation, because I love the finish it gives. It's not the best one though, I bought if for 1 euro from Born pretty store. Real techniques miracle sponge is much much better. The brushes I use are for powder, bronzer, large concealer brush and some flat and blending eyeshadow brushes. 

That would be all I keep in my bag! Do you think it's too much for every day? Do you like some of these products?
Thanks for reading!
Have a nice day.
xo Linda

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